Paying for our Diversity

Paying for our Diversity

Why, exactly, does education at top-ranked universities and colleges cost so much? One reason is that they are spending a lot of money on (as my father would say) horsefeathers.

Heather Mac Donald’s recent article in National Review gives such a crystalline picture of the diversity monster on college campuses that you will be left gasping for breath. Here is just the beginning:

As protesters festively (oops! I mean “heroically”) rally on college quads across California in the wake of the gratuitous macing of a dozen Occupy Wall Street wannabes at University of California–Davis last Friday, UC Berkeley’s Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion declared that the rising tuition at California’s public universities is giving him “heartburn.” It should, since Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion Gibor Basri and his fellow diversity bureaucrats are a large cause of those skyrocketing college fees, not just in California but nationally.

It is to be expected that students will be immaculately ignorant of the matters they protest, but it takes a special type of gall for a bureaucrat such as Basri to shed crocodile tears over California’s tuition increases, which had been a seeming target of OWS-inspired protest before the brutish UC Davis pepper-spray incident provided a more mediagenic reason to cut classes. OWS-ers are theatrically calling for a general strike of the University of California for this coming Monday.

But honestly, if you can stomach it, read it all. We are surrounded by such idiots.

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  1. Pitbullll says:

    Glenn Reynolds has been posting regularly at about the higher education bubble and the absurd, rabidly liberal, PC bloatocracy in our university system. Most people are not aware of just how bad it has become and just how bad it is for college students, our economy and our country. Glad to know others are taking notice. Keep up the good work!!

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