Gotta Love Lou Dobbs

Gotta Love Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs was on O’Reilly tonight talking about the price of gasoline.

O’Reilly is forever railing on about how Big Oil (that’s such a quaint notion) is doing everything they can to control the world oil market and avoid the free market and basically screw us. And O’Reilly says that the government has got to step in and do something about the price of gasoline.

Dobbs’ retort:

“I have less faith in this government than you do because everything they step in to they seem to step in.”




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  1. Mawr Pidyn says:

    Ted Baxter (AKA O’Reilly) seems utterly ignorant of how commodity pricing works. Blaming “speculators” for driving up the price of oil? I guess he’s not familiar with the concept of market efficiency. Harvard, indeed.

    Given the track record of federal government corruption (Demoncraps and Repubs alike), and now its unabashed naked display in the O’Bama administration, it’s utterly foolish to even contemplate giving the Fedzilla control over even more of our resources and economy. Let the market function as it should. Let’s eradicate the disfiguring blight, the grotesque cancer of overweening federal government that so dishonors our Founding Fathers and let freedom ring!

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